June Make-Up Favourites

June is the month where Summer officially starts, and the wether starts to get a little warmer! Now I love the heat but I hate it when my make-up gets cakey and greasy because of the hot weather, therefore I have invested in some new ‘Summer’ make-up products. Hopefully it won’t be a rainy summer (as it normally is in the UK) this year. The products listed below are the cosmetics I will be using this mouth! I’ve be honest in my opinions and gave each product a rating out of five stars, enjoy!

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How To: Sketch Disney Characters

Hello everyone! I just wanted to update you on our blog, yes this is of course another Disney related one lol. I just wanted to show/tell you guys what I’m going to be doing on the run up to mine and Laytons holiday trip to Disney World which we are really excited for 😬. I have recently been sketching Disney characters such a Mickey, Jasmine, Goofy etc.. for our trip there. Once there, we are going to a few meet and greets with the characters and we will be able to get them signed and also get a photo took with each character holding there drawing (which I am personally really happy about). When we come back from our holidays we will both be selecting about 3-4 of those signed drawings to be framed and hopefully put in to our future home! Layton really wants to hang them up on the walls of our future bathroom 😂.

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This is our very first blog post as the Pinkpuff Clouds! We wanted to start a blog to go along side our YouTube channel. We are both new to the blogging/vlogging world, so bare with us LOL. In our weekly blog posts we will write reviews, tutorials & ‘diary entries’,we would also love to hear from you guys about what we could include in our blogs.

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